Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Year Begins

Well, here we are, the beginning of another school year.  This is my 23 year teaching and my 3rd year as a reading specialist.  I haven't started working with my groups of students yet.  I have, along with a fellow teacher, given a WBT presentation to our group of new elementary teachers.  I am busy completing all the necessary paperwork to be able to start my groups.  I can hardly wait to get busy with my kids and put WBT to work. 

There are several teachers in my buildings using WBT this year.  I have heard several comments such as "This is the best beginning to the school year that I have ever had."  It sure appears to be a smooth start to the year for those embracing WBT.

My plan for this blog is to share how WBT works in a small group setting.  I will focus on Communication Arts as I am a reading teacher, but will share other things that I notice happening in the classrooms that I work with.  I will post at least weekly, but will try to post more often once I have my groups in place, probably beginning after Labor Day.

Come along on my journey of teaching reading with WBT.