Saturday, July 28, 2012

More Great Strategies form Day 1 WBT Conference in Jackson, MO

From the “Core Four” we went on to the many components of reading.  WBT is very strong in this area.  We covered Rhyming Reader, Biffytunes, SuperSpeed Rhymes, Super Speed Letters and Phonics, SuperSpeed 100, and SuperSpeed 1000.  All of these are explained in eBooks on  Most of these are available in electronic versions on the website as well.

I especially like the critical thinking part using the “Because Clapper” and the “Problem Solver”. The Because Clapper is just what it sounds like.  When students respond to a question such as “Why did the Rough-Faced Girl think she could not marry the Invisible Being?”  The students would respond, “The Rough-Faced Girl thought that she could not marry the invisible being because, (when they say the word because, they clap their hands) she was not pretty enough.”

When using the “Problem Solver” the students act as if they are unlocking a door.  They state the problem and their solution to that problem.  An example might be the question, “What should Goldilocks have done differently when she came upon the Three Bears home?”  The students would “unlock” the problem as they restated it and gave a possible solution to their partner.

From there we moved on to the Super Improvers Wall.  This is one of my favorite strategies from WBT.  There is a web cast on the website that explains this as well as a lot of discussion on the forum.  I strongly recommend you spending time to learn about this.  It is a very easy way to reward effort on the part of your students.  It can be used to reward positive improvements in behavior, academics, social skills, and the list goes on and on.

I’ll finish up Day 1 conference strategies next time.
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