Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Busy Week

Well here it is 8:55 on Sunday night and I finally have a few minutes to share with you how last week went.

I am so happy about how my reading groups are working.  I teach Title I reading all morning.  I am at my K-3 building first thing, until about 9:30.  I'm supposed to leave there at 9:30, but I don't usually leave until around 9:45.  My first group at the 3-5 building begins at 10:05.  I follow the basic format that I lined out for you in a previous blog with each of these groups.  At my 3-5 building, I don't review the five classroom rules at the beginning of each group anymore.  I do those as needed.  We are working our way through the pacing charts using WBT all the way.

In the afternoons, I teach four RTI groups.  These groups have both Title students and non Title students.  These groups focus on fluency and comprehension.  I teach fluency one week and the next week we work on comprehension.  WBT works beautifully in these RTI groups.  Super Speed 100 and Super Speed 1000 are great to help build fluency.  The Crazy Professor is great to help build comprehension.  I want to add Prove It to my RTI strategies as well. 

The days fly by.  I feel like the students are really making progress.  The Super Improvers cards that I am using have also been a big hit.  The kids love to beat their personal best.  They earn a star for beating their Super Speed record, doing better gestures, etc.

I had the opportunity to go into a 2nd grade classroom this past week to model the Genius Paragraph.  The teacher asked me to do this because of the results she was seeing from the students in her classroom that work with me.  I so enjoyed the time I had in her classroom.  It was great fun to do the Genius Paragraph with a whole class.  This along with a WBT presentation to the Board of Education made it another successful WBT- Reading week.

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